Opening night of Arcadia at Lightbox NYC

Barak Chamo is New-York based media artist and creative technologist. His work explores presence, emotion and memory in the digital age, representation of nature and tradition, and the interaction between humans and machines through speculative performance interfaces for autonomous art, creativity and collaboration.

His multidisciplinary practice and collaborations spans installation, light and kinetic sculpture, mixed reality, generative audiovisual work and live performance. In bringing various disciplines and art forms together, Barak explores new ways with which to tell stories and bring human performance and artistic expression into new forms of media.

Chamo’s work has been shown in galleries and festivals in the US and Europe, including the Ravenna Museum of Modern Art, Wavelength Shanghai, InLight and various shows in New York City. He is a former resident at Lightbox NYC, IDEALab and the Time Inc. Timewave XR Lab and a graduate at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.