An immersive journey back into the 90s

The installation space is sensed with depth cameras tracking audience movement and the dynamic landscape of audio-reactive terrain and galaxy is populated by animated geometric shapes that trace  paths on the floor. Laser projectors are calibrated with the surrounding video projectors to trace the polygon sun, connecting the space in-front of and beyond the screen, drawing in the air and further enhancing the sense of presence inside the arcade. 

The front wall of the installation is projected with distinct visual compositions that engage the audience individually, providing more immediate feedback for one or multiple people. It builds on the idea of feedback with feedback-based generative visuals and an aesthetic of chroma-vapor fading into the distant horizon.

Arcadia is a 360° immersive projection mapping installation controlled by music and audience movement inspired by much loved character of old-school arcade games and childhood memories of the 90s. It is as much a technical experiment in building immersive installations as it is an ode to retro aesthetics.

A wireframe terrain floats through a generative galaxy with dancing shapes floating on-top. The bright neon composition glows with the familiar flicker of old CRT monitors. The visual composition explores different generative processes and techniques metaballs to particle systems, noise displacement and many variations on color mapping.



Lightbox Lab 2018

Lightbox Lab Interview

Lightbox 2018 Lab Highlights


Supported by Lightbox NYC's 2018 Lab residency.

Bill of Materials


  • 3x Kinect One

  • 2x 1W RGB ILDA Laser Projector

  • 2x Helios Laser DAC

  • 6x Wide throw projectors

  • DMX spotlights

  • Water-based fog machine


  • WatchOut

  • TouchDesigner 099

  • Processing 3