Art Toy Concept & Turnaround

This week I explored different forms of art toys, and how figure and posture is used to imply mood and emotion.

I started by sketching familiar characters I like, like Marvin, the robot from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, Danbo the cardboard boy, Uamou & Boo and others. All these characters share similar traits of styled and exaggerated physical features and postures that capture their mood and convey an emotion, even though the painted detail is very minimal.

I then started sketching my character. I knew I wanted to feature the oversized head also found in Dunnys and Munnys but in a posture that is not menacing, rather curious and melancholic - a lot like Marvin the robot, one of my favorite motion picture characters.


Finally, I placed the character in a turnaround sheet. It’s very basic and mainly used to get a sense for the scale of the head compared to the small body and the tilt of the head.

With this character I’m planning to focus on the shape, phisique and posture as I think it’ll be a cool blank candidate.