From Me to You and Back Again

Site-specific audiovisual performance interacting with unique feedback acoustics

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The audio performance consisted of a combination of sustained and evolving pads and percussive guitar and synth sounds that reflected in the space and transformed over time.

The accompanying live visuals were made of an audio-reactive fluid simulation that evolves itself, a perfect metaphor for the sonic state of the space in which the performance took place.

“From Me to You and Back Again” is a site-specific audiovisual performance made in response to a unique audio environment consisting of a series of spatial microphones and multi-channel speaker system.

In this space, every space is amplified, echoed and processed to create a rich and lasting sonic texture, which makes deliberate performance both a challenge and a creative opportunity.


From Me to You and Back Again



Performed in collaboration with Oren Shoham and Max Horwich.

Tools Used


  • Multi-channel sound installation

  • Site-specific audio feedback setup


  • Ableton Live

  • Max/MSP