Light Paintings

Abstraction and impression through the medium of light

“Hokkaido”, the first light painting series, presents footage captured onboard the Japanese bullet-train, the Shinkansen, as it rushes from Tokyo to the north at speeds topping 300 KM/h. At such speeds, the world is blurred into an onrush of colors, these are depicted on the frame as different paintings in the series highlight the changing landscape along the journey.

“Sunsets”, the second series, constructs a slowly evolving field of colors that captures the essence of the awe-inspiring sight that is the occasion of sundown. The shifting tonality of color bands, the glowing sun in the center, depict an endless sunset frozen in time.

I find that small moments of impression and observation are the ones that stay with me through life as lasting inspirations. The changing gradations of the sunset, the shifting formations of clouds, the speed of the bullet train as it cuts through the countryside. I wanted to distill this experience, the essence of color, scale and speed.

The paintings are presented on a special frame, projecting the light on a stretched white canvas that blurs the light and the image, erasing particulars of time and place and shining light on motives of color and movement.

Bill of Materials


  • Custom canvas-edged extrusion frame

  • Custom LED matrix


  • Custom LED driver software