Web-based, mobile-controlled, multiplayer arcade shooter

Mobile controllers are connected to the main desktop "console" via WebSockets for near real-time communication that ensures smooth gameplay for up to 20 players per room. 

The game and controllers are all web-based and built with JavaScript, WebGL and various device APIs.

OverBoard is a web-based, mobile-controlled, multiplayer arcade shooter. The game is inspired by old arcade consoles and brings a WiiMote-like interaction to the web without the need for expensive and complicated hardware. 

Players play the game by opening the app on their phones and joining a room. The device orientation API is used to detect tilt and pitch and control a character on the screen. Just point, aim and shoot.

Tech Stack


  • Mobile phones


  • WebGL
  • WebRTC
  • WebBluetooth
  • WebAudio
  • Device APIs